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The following article 4 tips for developing an ‘impressive’ website, is designed to give amateurs a leg up. I won’t solve all the web design mysteries out there but it is a start.

Have you ever walked past a store and seen the inside and been compelled to take a look inside? Shopping malls do this all the time by refreshing their design so that people will stay, shop and consume in their stores. If you think of the web as a large supermarket, it offers a similar experience. There are millions of website stores whose designs will intrigue new customers and will keep existing customers coming back again.

The question is, how can you ensure that your website’s design will be a ‘winner’ in in the online marketplace?

Create a simple website with a minimalistic design and clear navigation.

Your website needs to look clean and it must be easy to navigate for the web user. It should be easy for them to find exactly what they are looking for. Work with your web designer to identify the navigation journey that you want your web users to experience.

You may find that the web designer will recommend:

  • Simple menu designs
  • The use of callout text or animations
  • Highlighted buttons
  • Sectioned boxes
  • Text alignment

Hi-resolution photographic images.

If you want your website to be perceived as a credible brand, hi-resolution photographs must be used to make a great first impression. Do not use animations as primary images if you want a high-end look for your business’s online brand.

You can source high-end images for free from Pixabay. Or you can purchase high-end images from Shutterstock or Getty Images.

Use consistent branding on your site.

The brand design that you use on your site will differentiate your business from the competitors in your industy. It is important that you work with your designer to implement a colour palette for your brand and that you use a logo that people will easily recognise and associate with your business.

Below are a couple of useful resources that can help you with developing your brand design.

Optimise your website’s font.

The font that you use on your website is one of the most important factors for engaging your website’s visitors. Discuss with your web designer the type of Typography options that would best suit your website’s design in terms of size, colour and spacing.

If people find your font too difficult to read, they will leave your website without taking the action that you wanted them to. You can see this insightful case study from Marketing Land.

Speak with someone from Flourish Web Design.

Our team of web designers can help you develop a website design that will impress the people that you have visiting your website. If you would like to get some initial ideas before contacting us, you can check out this web design trends post from Tanzi.

If you are ready, please click here to get in touch with us.


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