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4 Tips On Finding A Web Designer

If you’ve read everything about web designers and still don’t know what to look for, here are four things to consider:

1. Does the designer’s style match the way I’d like my site to look?

Flick through some web designers’ portfolios, taking note of things like layouts, colors, and logos. This is kind of like shopping for clothes – some options will me more to YOUR taste than others. If you want a very modern website, it doesn’t make sense to hire someone whose portfolio looks like a flashback to 90’s. Still bare in mind though, that some people do like this look in spite of advice to the contrary.

2. Who will develop my website once I have the design? Is this included in the pricing? Can this person do it all?

Many designers partner with a developer so that clients pay one price for both design and development. Others may provide mockups that need to be taken elsewhere to be coded into an actual site. Either approach is fine, but you’ll want to be aware of the costs involved upfront so you can budget accordingly. We fortunately do it all, like a one stop website shop!

3. What kind of maintenance and upkeep will my site need? Can I do that myself or will I need to hire someone?

Websites are not a one-time cost. YES that’s right WEBSITES ARE NOT A ONE-TIME COST. You can’t make a million dollars on the internet (or even a few hundred dollars) without certain ongoing expenses. Websites have to be maintained regularly, especially if they require third party plugins or software to function. Your designer may offer maintenance services like we do, or may be able to refer you to someone who does, or you can opt to learn how to maintain your site yourself.

4. Is the designer available if I need revisions or changes? What are the costs?

When you hire a web designer, you are hiring him/her for a project as defined in your verbal contract (if there’s no written contract ). That doesn’t mean the designer is obligated to provide free services for life. Find out ahead of time what costs you’ll incur if you need changes or new layouts down the road, and keep in mind that rates do change over time – the rates a designer gives you in 2017 will not be the same if you contact him/her in 2018.

At Flourish Web Design we most certainly began catering to the design part of the business but we soon found that our customers love to be able to have us as their go to people for anything web related so presto chango we do it all! so remember to think ahead and ask about maintenance and backups (you can’t assume you’ll have time or the office assistant will love to do it). Bottom line is we have you covered.


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I have worked in Web Design for around nine years and I am hopelessly devoted to it. I run Flourish Web Design, a successful web design solutions business. I can't go a day without learning something new about web design, SEO or digital marketing. I have live in many places and have settled in Hobart which is a beautiful city full of creative lovely people. The business looks after the web design and related services for businesses and organisations all over Australia.
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