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10 Tips On Writing Website Content

Wondering how writing website content is different than other forms of writing?

Website content creation is an art form all on its own!

When writing website content, people prefer to skim the content. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, you know you do it yourself. With thousands of websites at their fingertips,  customers prefer to find their content fast. In the event that they can’t find what they want from your site, they will jump to the next.

The average customer will stay ten to twenty seconds on a site before leaving. Some say it’s as little as five seconds. Regardless, it’s not an ideal time to get to know what your website is about. You need to create interest early.

So how do you make your website content interesting enough for people to linger longer?

Here are some guidelines for creating web web content that is engaging

1.  Firstly get comfortable when you are writing. Do a dry run before going to print. Make your content interesting and relevant. When customers search on Google, Bing or any other search engine, they expect to find the facts relevant to their search. If they click for your website and find outdated information, they’ll jump tp the next to find the result they want.

2.  Make your content factual and concise, there is no need to labor your point. Internet traffic are skimmers remember and prefer a speedy accurate response .

3.  Be on topic. Site visitors generally are seeking very specific information and get annoyed if they have to work hard for answers. when you have a very large topic, consider breaking your content down and introducing one topic per paragraph so your readers can find specific words without too much difficulty. You can also upload links within your page to related topics on different pages rather than trying to encompass all your information on one web page. This will make your website more SEO friendly.

4.  Look and recheck for grammar and spelling mistakes. Nothing says unprofessional like a website full of errors. After you are finished copywriting, take a break and look with fresh eyes. You will notice more errors after you’ve walked away and thought of something different for a while.

5.  Try the inverted pyramid technique. What’s that? place your conclusions at the start of your content and work backwards from there. This puts your most essential information at the beginning where your visitor will notice it.

Inverted_pyramid technique
The Inverted Pyramid Technique in an image

6.  Write assertively. Nobody knows your products or services like you do. Dont be afraid to write with confidence and authority.

7.  Write for your audience. You may have heard of the significance of making your website content search engine friendly by the use of key word phrases, hyperlinks, and other search engine optimisation techniques. This is critical, however so is making your content readable and attractive for the people who find your site. In spite of everything, your intention is to convert visitors into clients. Use a conversational tone to hook up with your target audience and keep away from fluff and jargon.

8.  Use  images to compliment your text and enhance your website’s appeal. People are visual and you will engage them with relevant images.

9. Be prepared for a sudden shot of inspiration. Carry a pad and pen in your bag or have your iPad handy at all times. Who knows whe it might strike.

10. The more you do it the easier it gets.

In recap, format your content for the web. Cater to content skimmers with the following approaches:

  •  Use ordered/unordered lists as opposed to paragraphs whilst possible.
  •  Write brief, meaty paragraphs with white space between them.
  • Focus on one topic according to paragraph.
  • Include inner subheadings to make scanning less complicated. Having key-word rich headings and subheadings will attract the nternet spiders as well.
  • Use internal hyperlinks to related topics in preference to cramming too much statistics onto one page.
  • Use “you” instead of “I” to get a rapport up with readers.
  • Use short sentences.
  • Perform keyword research and include applicable key phrases throughout your text, specially in headings/subheadings, links, and the primary paragraph of text.

Creating website content for your website can be tough, however with the aid of these suggestions you can have a good crack at making your content interesting or engaging for your readers.


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