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Time to refresh your website design!

OK so you have a website, GREAT! but a website like anything else consumer focused has a use by date. Flares and platforms come and go, as do colours, hairstyles and cars.

It’s not just important anymore to have a website, you have to keep it up to date to get attention! Here are some clues on how to keep up with website trends.

1. Website Design

What’s new in website design? From functionality to color and typography, there are a lot of new ideas and new visual concepts for web designers to explore.  Let’s take a look at what you can do.

I like to begin with large clear well edited images. If you aren’t prepared to use these, I’m not sure I could take it. Big, bold lettering never goes out of style. It is one of those trends that seems to just get better and better. Thanks to a growing number of web fonts and compatibility, more designers are taking typography risks with more novelty and interesting typefaces.

These two things alone are great foundations for your website before you even begin!

2. Video

Watching videos is something people are becoming more accustomed to  – from short bits of YouTube to movies – on their devices. Websites can mimic this cinematic experience as well with a full-on video with sound display on the homepage. (It does not have to be auto-play to be effective.)

Proceed with caution though. Include an option to toggle sound off and on, because not all users will appreciate it. The content needs to be so great that users will feel compelled to use sound as part of the experience. (This is a trend that can be tough to pull off but can work beautifully if you have the right video and sound content combination.) You can load them up through You Tube because they host the video and google love you tube video. Also vimeo is a good option. It’s a bit of a catch twenty two because it can slow your website down but the benefits outweigh the speed.

3. More Parallax

Parallax scrolling effects were a big trend in 2016 and designers have only gotten cleverer with these mouse-based movements. That trend will continue with more impressive – and fancier parallax effects.

4. Simple Website Design

It’s time to start to stripping away the heavy homepage styles that have been popular in the past. Now designers are opting for websites that features key words on a header image or slider and meaningfully placed content.

And before you worry about SEO, these pages are often packed with plenty of information below the scroll. This is a great example of how user habits are changing web design as a whole. Thanks to plenty of scrolling on mobile websites, users are scrolling more on websites regardless of device. This makes it easier to design a light, airy hero area and pack the design with content on the scroll.

We just have to make sure to give users are given enough in this simple design to make them want to look for more increasing your click through rate.

5. Website Navigation or Menu

The hamburger menu has been a big trend but menus does not have to be glued to the top of the page. From hidden or pop-out styles to navigation on the side or bottom of the pages, it is trendy to move the menu. (As long as the placement is still quite obvious.)

When considering a change to navigation styles, we still have to make them easy to find and use intuitively?

6. Neutral Colours

The last two years have been some of the most colorful we have seen in web design that is going to shift to a more natural, neutral set of hues.

Watch out for more greens, beiges and muted tones in projects. Color palettes will be derived from the natural world and have less of a bold, bright look to them. (I like vibrant colour on a white background clearly!)

Let’s go!



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